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    How does an air fryer work?

    Intrigued by the way an air fryer works? Get a better understanding of the functioning of an air fryer from this Ask Expert page.

    I saw an ad about a device called air fryer which fries a food item with extremely less or no oil. I would like to know what exactly is an air fryer and how it works?
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  • Air fryers make use of hot air to cook the food from all around. It is a patented technology called Rapid Air Technology which uses high speed circulation to circulate the air around the food items placed in the basket. This makes this method a fast and healthy way to cook food which makes the food item crispy from the outside without being dry from the inside.

    Traditionally food items need oil to cook. However, in Air fryers, only hot air is used to cook food. For example, if you make deeply friend french fries using the conventional method and using Air frier, in the latter, the fat content is 80% less. Not to mention this technology drastically reduces the time required to cook the food items.

  • An Air fryer is a kitchen accessory that helps fry items with less oil and fat. Air fryer is a healthy way to fry, bake, grill or roast your favorite food without using a lot of oil.

    The main logic behind an Air fryer is the circulating hot air and nothing else. A high speed fan is located on the top of the air fryer. The hot air which is an outcome of rapid air technology moves around the ingredients in the basket and heats the ingredients. The items prepared using air fryer are fried well from outside without being dry on the inside.

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