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    Guidance for getting Google AdSense application approval

    Did your application for Google AdSense for your blog get rejected? Know the guidelines and Google policies to follow and useful suggestions to improve your blog to better your chances of getting approval.

    Please tell me in my website which aspects are wrong. What should I remove to get approval by Google? Can you give me some details of what should be included and what not and how to improve the content? All content is created by myself only.
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  • You have not stated your website Name or address here. Anyhow, some basic requirement is very important to get Adsense approval.

    First one is, domain matching contents. The next one is, author profile with detail and it shall let Google (reviewing team) knows that you are above 18 years old, your profession detail and other required personal data in order to ensure that you are qualified.

    The unique content post must be there on your website which shall be like search engine friendly. The content needs to be useful to visitors and matching advertiser requirement for mutual benefit.

    The domain you register or use shall not have any bad remark in the past (in case if someone have registered it long back and sold it) and it is better to be and buy as a new domain name. The website content shall be without any crawling errors.

    Regular posts are very important on your website beside active participation online for various contribution. The website must be above six months old and shall contain enough quality and unique posts, reasonable regular traffic and good history.

    The above basic requirement is enough to get Adsense account approval. In case, if you match the parameters as mentioned above and Adsense team rejected your application then still don't worry, try to re-apply once in a month (including up to date contribution) till you get Adsense approval.


  • It is possible to get an approved Google Adsense account if your follow these guidelines properly:

    • Post only original articles on your blog or website. No copied content should be present.

    • Make sure your articles are of atleast 1000 words with complete details as well as images for better understanding.

    • Please ensure you have atleast 18-20 quality articles on different topics.

    • Make sure your website has different pages for "About Us", "Contact Us", "Privacy Policy" and "Disclaimer".

    • Write proper details about the writers and webmaster in the "About Us" section.

    • Make sure that the website is atleast 6 months old and ensure it gets decent traffic by promoting it on social networking sites. Though there are websites which got Adsense approved even though they were not 6 months old, but it is better to avoid this risk.

    • Make sure there are no spammy comments or links present on your blog or website.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

  • Please provide your website's URL in order for us to evaluate it. There is an extremely informative article/check-list on this website that may help you in getting a better understanding on how to get Adsense approval.

    Please find the Adsense approval check-list here.

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