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    How to develop an Android app and game for mechanical engineering purpose ?

    Eager to create & develop your very own mechanical engineering app or game? Find out from our software experts what all you need to learn and know to create such an Android app.

    I am a non-IT person and want to develop an application suitable for mechanical engineering purpose. I do not know programming which is needed for all this stuff. How should I start? What are the resources I need to use for this task?
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  • To develop an Android application you need to have knowledge about programming otherwise there is not much you can do. You need to learn Java to be able to develop anything in Android.

    To get started, first learn Java. After that you can download 'Google Android SDK' from

    It comes with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Eclipse which provides the complete interface for Android development. All you need is a computer system to use this.

    If you don't want to get into programming then the only option available for you is to hire a developer who can develop your Android application.

  • Since, you are a non-technical person, I suggest you to use a web based Android App maker. Below are some good online app builders. You can also port you Android App to other operating systems like iOS, Windows Phone etc. with the help of these services.


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