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  • How to confirm authenticity of BlackBerry purchased from Olx?

    Planning to buy a Blackberry Z3 smartphone from online shopping site Olx? Before you do so, check with our experts the correct ways to know whether or not it is a genuine producet.

    I am planning to buy BlackBerry Z3 from a person in Olx. He claims that he doesn't have the box with him. So even if I get IMEI I cannot find whether the phone is genuine or not. What are the other ways to check genuineness? Remember this phone has non-replaceable battery, which means I cannot open the back cover.
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  • First of all dial *#06# to get the 15 digit IMEI number of the Blackberry phone. You should note down the IMEI number of the phone and visit to the nearest Blackberry service center and check for the authentication of the device. I will suggest you to go to the following link because it can help you to view the quality of the Blackberry phone.

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