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    Are all Skype services in India free?

    Do you like to know about the free and paid services of Skype in India? What are the Skype alternatives that are free? Find out the answers from the geeks.

    About a month ago there was a media article which stated that Skype would no longer be wholly free to use for those in India who want to connect with their family abroad. I would like to know the latest updates about Skype. That is, which services of Skype are free to use for those in India and which are those services for which we need to pay. I need to know also what are the exact charges for those services for which there is a fee. Please mention the services and fee for within India usage and India to abroad usage.
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  • Skype to Skype calls using the Internet are still free. You can call wherever you want using Skype and talk for unlimited time.

    Charges have been introduced for calling from Skype to a mobile number or vice versa. For example, anyone calling an India mobile or landline has to pay $1.49 for 120 minutes per month. Similarly, one can pay $8.99 for 800 minutes of per month usage and $19.99 for 2500 minutes of monthly usage. For charges to other countries, please visit and check out the rates.

    You cannot make calls to an Indian landline or mobile if you yourself are in India.

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