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    How to track any mobile phone via personal computer?

    Want to track your smartphone via your PC? Read this thread to know the procedure for the same. Also learn if there are any softwares to track the GPS enabled devices.

    Can anybody tell me how to track a mobile phone using the customer number or GPS. We know that almost every smartphone has got GPS option in it. Can anyone tell the procedure to track any device using GPS or customer mobile number. Is there any software to track the GPS enabled devices.
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  • Google earlier used to have a program called Google Latitude that used to let you track the exact position of the mobile phone. Ofcourse, this was dependant on the mobile phone's internet connection and GPS co-ordinates. This service however, has been stopped by Google.

    I know of a service that currently lets you track 'your' smartphone in case it is stolen/lost. This even helps in case you've simply forgotten where you've kept the phone. Its called Android Device Manager.

    This service comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone these days. If you have it enabled on your cellphone and need to track it, follow these steps:

    1. Head onto on a PC
    2. Login using the Google account that is used on the smartphone.
    3. You would be able to see the smartphone listed and its location on a map.
    4. You would also have the option of 'Ring' which will make your smartphone ring for 5 minutes even if its on the silent mode.

    This app will also let you erase data on your smartphone remotely, if indeed the phone is stolen.

    I hope this helps. Lemme know in case you need more help with it.

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