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    Forgot pattern lock in Micromax Canvas Knight. How to unlock it?

    Forgot the pattern lock set for your smartphone? Want to know how you can unlock it? Read this thread to know the complete steps to unlock your smartphone using bios formatting.

    One of my friends forgot the pattern lock of his Micromax Canvas Knight. Can anybody please tell me how to resolve this issue, how to unlock Micromax Canvas Knight using external keys? The thing we have got on screen is only 'Emergency Call' and 'Enter your registered id and password'. But my friend has no idea of that. So, please tell me how to unlock the Micromax Canvas Knight via bios formatting?
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  • Option 1:
    The registered id and password is nothing but your gmail id and password. If you know Gmail id and password that you gave during the phone registration you can unlock it. For that you need to turn ON either Wi-Fi or mobile data to authenticate.

    Option 2:
    Go to Micromax dealer. They will make a fresh installation of Android OS. But in this method you will lose all your data.

    Option 3:
    Installing custom ROM yourself. There are chances that you may brick the phone by doing this. Do it at your own risk. Go to XDA developer website and search for Canvas Knight custom ROM. You will find the steps to install custom ROM. The steps usually involves installing recovery (CWM) and installing zip file (custom ROM). Recovery is nothing but the boot screen and the zip file is the OS.

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