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    How to get a free product from Google books online e-store?

    Are you an avid reader who loves reading books? Read this thread to know how to get a free product from Google books online e-store.

    Today I was browsing through the Google book store online. I saw that some books did not require to be paid for. That is, it was clearly written "Free". However, when I clicked on the book, the message popped up in a box: "Please add a payment method or redeem a code to complete your purchase." I am totally confused!

    How exactly does one get a free book from the store? Only if one has a redeemable code can one purchase a free book from there?
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    Vandana, Google considers downloading, streaming free content as a transaction as well, even if its selling price is zero. You either need a Google Wallet account or need to enter your card details in order to download a free e-book.

    Your card details should be safe at Google and there won't be anything charged to your account. A friend of mine not too long ago was charged a small amount when he registered his credit card on Google, however that amount was immediately refunded back to his account.

    I maybe wrong, but a debit card is also accepted on Google now.

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