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    What is Google Authorship and how does it help against plagiarism ?

    Need to know about Google authorship and how it protects the author against plagiarism? Get a better understanding of what Google authorship means and its implications.

    Recently I come to know about my fews posts are copied directly without any permission from my side. I searched to deal with this plagiarism and I came to know about Google Authorship. I want to know, how to know which content is owned to us?
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    Google has recently dropped all the Authorship functionality from search results. So, you won't be able to use it anymore. However, I'd like to brief you on Google Authorship.

    With Google Authorship, introduced three years ago, Google tried to link articles with the Google Plus profiles of authors. It enabled Google to display the profile picture of the author in search results along with an option to the readers to add authors to their circles.

    For this an author needed to have a Google Plus profile with a recognizable photo, his/her website mentioned in the profile and he/she should have registered for the Google Authorship service. Subsequently, the articles by the author needed to be followed by their name that matched their Google plus profile name.

    This helped the articles of the author to get listed on Google search along with their name and profile photo. So one could recognize the authentic writer of the article.

    The extent to which this service was helpful in fighting plagiarism, remains a debatable topic till date. Low adoption of the service along with results not matching to the expectations, led Google to wrap off this service at least for now.

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    It is the way to link the content from Google+. In Google, Blogs are acceptable. Once the blogger gets posted his article, Google will verify that article for better quality. Once the quality is good, Google accepts that article. If suppose the article quality is not good, or in case of false information, Google will rejects those articles. Google won't accept duplicate or fake contents. Google has a testing tool in which the duplicate or copy contents will be visible. The users who are reading the article won't have patience to check the contents which is correct or not. Google takes the responsibility to give best and quality content to the users.

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    As far as I read last, Google Authorship program has been shut down for the moment. The idea behind Google Authorship was to know trusted web sources on the basis of digital signatures. But, it seems due to some loopholes, the program has been terminated earlier this year.
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    Bhakti Savla

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