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    How to change a blog name in blogger so as to change the browser URL?

    Would you like to know how to change a blog name in blogger so as to change the browser URL? Check this answers to know detail about it.

    Supposing I want to change a typo error or a few alphabets or even the entire blog name, how to do so? I do not wish to start all over again by exporting the blog & saving it on my PC and then launching a blog under the new name and importing the blog posts. I just want some quick shortcut process to simply make changes to the existing blog so that the file name & thus the browser URL will show the new name of the blog. Note that I am not talking about the blog title but the http//.... part.
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    Blogger allows you to make changes in your blog's .blogspot URL. However, if you are pointing towards making change in the custom domain (.com/.net), you need to buy a new one and add it to your Blogger blog.

    To edit your blog's address, simply navigate to Settings > Basic of your blog and under the "Publishing" heading, you can see the Edit option next to your blog address.

    Moreover you can change or add to your blog title, description, privacy and third-party URL for your blog i.e. you own registered domain from "Basic" sub menu.

    I haven't seen any option in Blogger that allows a user to export his or her blog and save it on PC and then launch a blog under the new name and importing the blog posts. However, you can do these things on your template. This is an additional help for you.

    If you want to try a new template on your blog but you've done much improvement in the HTML of your existing blog template, you need to backup. Do so by navigating to Templates page and click on the Backup/Restore option. There you can download your existing template and import a new one!


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    My suggestion is to buy a custom domain name of your choice and use it to replace the incorrect blogspot domain you currently have from blogger. Domain names are pretty cheap these days and can be bought from a host of sellers.

    Also, this way you would be able to keep all the traffic and incoming links that you get on your blog. Let me know in case you need assistance!

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    I think you need to change the URL of your blog. Please follow these steps:

    1. Login to Blogger.
    2. Go to Blogger Dashboard.
    3. Click Settings tab.
    4. Click Basic tab.
    5. Click Edit blog URL option.
    6. Enter new URL and save.


    Prabhat Jani

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