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    How to improve battery performance of Sony Xperia smartphone?

    I would like to know some practical tips and tricks to improve battery performance of Sony Xperia smartphone.
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    Battery performance depends on how much work you make your device do. However below are some tips by which you can find an improvement in your Sony Xperia's battery life.

    1. Don't keep mobile data on always, especially a WCDMA (high speed 3G/4G) one. Use it when needed!

    2. Also don't keep GPS or Bluetooth on while you don't feel a need.

    3. Always close apps after use. Don't let them absorb battery in background.

    4. Disable useless background app processing including the above.

    5. Keeping maximum battery also affects battery performance. So keep it low.

    6. If you find your Xperia heating up, it means processor is working hard on the specific thing you're doing. Do keep a watch over it!

    7. Don't let battery fade away totally. Plug it in whenever asked.

    8. Avoid keeping screen savers or live wallpapers.

    9. Remember! high-end games gear up battery lowing.

    10. Most flashlight apps use battery at an inexorable level. So keep a battery efficient flash light app.


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    The below tips works well for any smartphone.

    1. Use Wifi or 3G when needed.
    2. Do not use more shortcuts on screen.
    3. Use cleaning apps like Clean Master. They will be clearing apps which are not needed.
    4. Do not keep vibration on all the time.
    5. Lower the brightness of the screen.
    6. Disable GPS.
    7. Keep the notifications on only for important apps.
    8. Do not keep the smartphone in hot areas.
    9. Do not overcharge the smartphone.
    10. Switch off the mobile when not needed.
    11. Keep the lowest time out.

    Hope these tips will be useful.

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    You should install 'Battery Doctor' application which can be available from Google Play store. Battery Doctor takes care of all necessary actions required to extend battery storage.

    This application improves the battery performance by shutting down some of the unimportant tasks. It also contains 'Trickle' stage which once cleared after 100% battery charging. This will enhance the battery performance.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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    Some useful tips to improve the battery life of Sony Xperia smartphones:

    • Charge the phone when battery drops to 35-40% and charge it till 90-95% only. Do not overcharge the phone regularly.

    • Check App usage on your phone and delete all apps that are not being used regularly by you.

    • Keep WiFi or 2G/3G connection switched Off when you do not need internet access.

    • Use a 10000 mAh power bank to charge your phone. It tends to slightly improve the battery life of Sony smartphones.

    • At night, keep the phone in sleep mode or airplane mode before you go to bed. Also, decrease the screen brightness to as low as possible.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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