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    How to hide Windows 10 search and task view button as per build 9879?

    Want to hide Windows 10 search & task view button as per build 9879? Get a quick tutorial lesson for free on the correct procedure to hide the buttons.

    One of the popular Windows 10 Technical Preview feedback requests made by users globally was the requirement of a feature to be able to hide Windows 10 Task View button and Search button on the taskbar. This feedback request was made using the Windows 10 Feedback app and a number of people voted in favour of it. Microsoft has proved that it is paying heed to these feedback requests by providing the option to hide Search and Task View from Windows 10 task bar in their new Windows 10 build 9879. This latest Windows 10 build update has just been provided by Microsoft. However, I want to know what are the steps to hide Windows 10 Search button and Task View buttons? In simple words, how can we hide Task View and Search options from Windows 10 taskbar in its latest build 9879?
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    Below are the steps to hide search and task view button as per Windows 10 build 9879.

    1. Download the file from below link

    In order to download the file, you need to register an account on the host website.

    2. After downloading the file, unzip it.

    3. Now run the below mentioned command in Run.exe and you're done.


    To undo this change, follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to run the task manager.

    2. Look for WinTHButtonHider.exe in the task list.

    3. End the progress and that is all!


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