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    How to connect pendrive to Nokia Lumia 530 via OTG cable?

    Want to connect your pendrive to your Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone with an OTG cable? Know the correct way to make this connection.

    I want to connect pendrive to my Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone. Is it possible? If yes, please share the procedure/steps. I have an OTg cable with me.
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    Currently Nokia Lumia 530 doesn't support pendrive via OTG cable. Even there is no third party apps to make pendrive detectable in Lumia 530. Few websites claim that this OTG cable feature will be introduced in Windows 10. As of now Windows 8.1 version won't get OTG update.

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    Nokia Lumia 530 currently doesn't provide OTG feature. Although Microsoft has taken over Nokia but currently their mobiles do not support OTG.

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    Nokia Lumia 530 doesn't support a pen drive via OTG Cable. Windows 8 or 8.1 handsets don't support it totally.

    But as mentioned by Mobile Boy, there are a few websites that claim this OTG cable feature to be introduced in Windows 10. You can read Windows 10 phones and upcoming updates


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