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    Android phones with 64 GB internal memory

    Want to buy a smartphone with very high internal memory? Read this thread to know the best Android phones with 64 GB internal memory.

    I am planning to buy a phone with 64 GB internal memory. I spend my time by watching videos. So I would like to have phone with more internal memory. I have seen that there are phones with 64 GB internal memory. I tried the option of using 64 GB memory card but I face challenges like some apps or videos download directly to internal memory and I have to manually move them to external card. Any Android phone with 64 GB internal memory is appreciated.
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  • You can have a look at the newly launched Nexus 6 by Google/Motorola. It is now listed on Google Play store and other e-commerce websites albeit with a "coming soon" tag.

    It will be available in 32GB and 64GB variants priced at INR 44000 and INR 49000 respectively. Nexus devices are known to be quality products and this one certainly fulfils your requirement.

    I hope this helps!

  • 1. HTC One X plus (Being sold for Rs.22700 on Snapdeal)
    2. Motorola Nexus 6 (not available in India as of now)
    3. Motorola Moto Maxx (price not available yet).

    Hope it helps!!

  • Here are some top smartphones having an inbuilt internal memory of 64GB.
  • HTC One (Available at Rs 31,499 on Amazon, Rs 36,800 on and Rs 32,939 on

  • Apple iPhone 6 64GB (Available at Rs 64,500 on and Rs 62,500 on

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB (Available at Rs 64,500 on, Rs 70,700 on and Rs 71,500 on

  • Apple iPhone 5S 64GB (Available at Rs 58,386 on Amazon, Rs 68,699 on and Rs 62,990 on

  • HTC One X Plus (Available at 21,599 on and Rs 21,999 on

  • You can check out the top specs of the smartphones by navigating through the Reference URL provided below.


  • You have not mentioned your budget. I am sorting up several smartphones according to your requirements that can serve you according to your need.

    Apple iPhone 6 Plus- Price Rs-64,500
    Apple iPhone 6- Price Rs- 62,500
    Apple iPhone 5S-
    Price Rs- 57,998
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3- Price Rs 39,900 on Amazon

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