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    Nokia X or Nokia Lumia 530. Which is better?

    Confused about whether to buy the Nokia X or Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone? Get firsthand reviews of Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 530 to help make your choice easier.

    I am planning to buy a budget smartphone in coming days. Being a Nokia fan, I want to purchase a phone from them. Please tell me which is better between Nokia X & Nokia Lumia 530. Compare them and suggest the best.
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  • Since it’s an android era, Nokia X takes a lead.

    If you want loads of apps on your phone, Lumia will disappoint you as it does not have that sort of app gallery. Nokia X lags a lot while playing games.

    Meanwhile if you are not obsessed with Android, Lumia 530 wins on account of its performance. It has better processor (1.2 Ghz against 1.0 Ghz of Nokia X). Also it has a better camera.

    My vote goes to Nokia Lumia 530!!

  • My vote is for Nokia Lumia 530. To be frank I am not impressed with Nokia X. They say Nokia X is an Android phone but it is more of a Microsoft form of Android. Nokia X doesn't give you the pure Android experience. If you choose Lumia 530 you will get pure Windows experience. If you haven't used the Windows Phone before you will like the way the phone works.

    Maybe there are less apps for Windows but you will get most of the popular apps on Windows Store. There are several high quality free games in Windows Store and so you need not worry about paying money for each app. I used Nokia Lumia 520 and it is a great phone. You will get issues but it won't affect your day to day activity.

    The best thing about Lumia devices are offline maps which are very useful if you are new to a place. For a place like Bangalore even if you are old to this city you might haven't explored all the places. There are times where these maps help you a lot.

  • I'd go with Nokia Lumia 530 because it is better in every possible way than the Nokia X. Lumia 530 has a 1.2GHz processor but Nokia X has got only 1GHz under its nose. However Nokia boast that Nokia X is an Android phone it lags a lot and doesn't have the feel. Nokia Lumia 530 has got a better camera than the Nokia X.

    So I would surely say, Nokia Lumia 530 all the way!!

  • Nokia Lumia 530 and Nokia X both are a product of same manufacturers hence many things are same between the both. Nokia Lumia supports single SIM slot whereas Nokia X is Dual SIM slot.
    Nokia Lumia 530 has windows operating system and Nokia X has Nokia X platform 1.0 as the operating system which is said as forked Android. 1.2 GHz processor is given in Nokia Lumia which is greater than that of Nokia X hence Nokia Lumia should be the preferred option of the customers between these two options.

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