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    How to change the update setting for Avast 2015 Service Pack 1?

    Want to change the program update setting for Avast 2015 Service Pack 1? Get a quick tutorial lesson on how to do this correctly.

    Service Pack 1 of Avast 2015 has been released with some interesting new changes. One obvious change has been the default option "Ask when update is downloaded" in the Program Update settings. Is it possible to change this setting to "Ask when an update is available"? If yes, how can we change this Program Update setting for Avast 2015 SP1? Please share relevant tips to update the default settings of Service Pack 1 for Avast 2015.
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  • Please follow the steps below:

    1. Open Avast User Interface.
    2. Click on 'Settings' tab.
    3. Click on 'Updates' tab in the new window that opens.
    4. Again click on 'Settings'.
    5. Here you will get the options for update.
    6. Click on 'Ask when update is available'.

    And you are done!

    Hope this helps.

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