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    How to send bulk messages via Whatsapp?

    Read this thread to know how you can send bulk messages or message multiple contacts at the same time using Whatsapp. Also know if any special settings are required for the same.

    I have recently bought a new Android phone and started using Whatsapp for the first time. I do not know how to make good use of this application. Please let me know how to share or message many people at a time or send bulk messages? Is there any special setting needed?
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    In WhatsApp, you can message to anyone who is in your phone contacts. But the contact person in your phone should have installed WhatsApp app in their phone. For example: if my number is in your phone contact and if I have WhatsApp application installed then you can send me a message.

    Now your requirement is to send same message to multiple contacts. For this you need to create a group in WhatsApp and add multiple contacts to that group. After creating the group if you type and send the message it will received by all the contacts added in that group. For example: you can create a group where you can add all your school friends and another group containing family members.

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    You can do this by two ways:

    1. Use the BROADCAST service of Whatsapp. Open Whatsapp, press options and select "New Broadcast". Select the contacts to whom you want to send a message. Click OK, type the message and send.

    2. Other way is to form a group from your contacts, and name it anything relevant, say 'College Buddies". Remember that the contacts must be using Whatsapp. Share the message in the group and it will be delivered to the members of the group.

    Hope this helps!!

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    Whatsapp messaging application can be used to send messages to individuals or several people at the same time. If you wish to send a message to all your Whatsapp contacts, you can use the Whatsapp Broadcast service to do so. If you want to send messages regularly only to your college friends or school friends, then you can form 2 separate Whatsapp groups for your college friends and school friends. Thus, you can then enjoy chatting together with all your school friends in one group or all your college friends in one group.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Bhakti Savla

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    If you need to regularly send messages to a lot of known people using Whatsapp, then the only possible way is to create a Group. You can get yourself added to various existing groups on Whatsapp with the help of your friends, online communities. Several groups on Facebook request for mobile numbers so that they can add people in their Whatsapp group, you can also take advantage of these posts to join like-minded people.

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