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    How to change the sim card in our name?

    Looking for solution on how to transfer the user name for SIM card from employer? Check this answer from expert.

    I was using an airtel connection for the past six years but it was got through my previous employer where the airtel has registered my boss name along with the organisation. I totally forgotten about that and very recently one of my friends told that while checking through true caller app, it is showing different name than me. How to change the name in my name?
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    This is a confusing question. I am confused whether you want to change the SIM card owner name or the username of true caller app. Anyways I will give the solution of both.
    I you want to completely transfer your SIM card to your own name, you will have to go to the respective customer care office and tell them about the problem. They will ask for your identification and transfer the card to your name and other details of you.
    And if you want to change the username you get on true caller app for your number, you will have to simply download the Truecaller app and register again via your number with a new name you want to. Once registered, it will always display your name whenever searched.


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    Before doing anything, just ask customer care and try to get the complete details. Actually I also wanted to do the same. My current SIM card is on my elder brother's name. I want it to be on my name now.

    So, when I approached Idea showroom, they refused to change the name of SIM from my brother's name to my name despite of showing complete proofs. They told us, company has now decided not to change name of SIM owner.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

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