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    What is difference between smartphone 4K camera and DSLR 4K camera?

    Here you can learn more about the differences between 4K cameras inbuilt in smartphones and DSLR 4K cameras

    What is difference between DSLR 4K camera like RED 4K camera and smartphone camera like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4K camera?

    Is RED 4k camera video clarity is better than 4K camera of smartphones like Note 4?

    Why these DSLR camera comes with bigger in dimension if they can be of small dimension like Smartphones camera?

    Better to buy 4K DSLR camera or smartphone that comes with 4k camera?
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  • Hi
    Hey I want to tell you that there is no such difference between the cameras of these two but it all depend on the model and price of the product. But DSLR 4K camera will be the best in my opinion.

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