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    How to give priority to startup apps in Windows 8.1 pro

    Looking for information on startup apps in Windows 8.1 pro? Here you go for the answer.

    In Windows 7 I didn't faced such problem of startup app. Windows 8.1 pro gives automatic priority (medium, high and not measured) to startup apps which makes only high and medium priority of app lunched at every boot up of PC. Not measured priority of app doesn't launch at startup of Windows 8.1 pro.
    It is irritating, need to launch such not measured apps manually and I'm also unable to give the priority to such apps. What can I do to launch such apps automatically at every startup of Windows?
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    This might make your head scratch a bit, but if you follow me step by step this will do the trick. I did not say this is easy. :)

    First, download WinPatrol(Free version) application and install it. It's ~1.3MB install. While installing it will ask you for email and 1 other detail, just click continue and it will install.

    Once done open it, if you do not find it, it should be in the notification bar.
    When open you will see many tabs. The one you should be looking for is "Startup programs tab". Here, select the program you want to non-prioritize, right click on it and select "Move to Delayed Start program list". This will now be listed in Delayed startup tab. If you want you can later remove it from there.

    In delayed startup tab there are various options to work with now. You can select programs by right clicking on them and control delay in seconds.
    Right click on the app you like to assign delay to and specify the time, and state. Do not change anything else; leave them intact.

    You can do this for any number of apps.

    Please do not move the WinPatrol out of startup apps as that acts as startup launcher and executes commands.

    If you do not like this please let me know; I can help you with a basic shell script. This is old style sysops work.

    Anyways, hope this helps.


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