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    How to get Google Inbox invite?

    Did you hear about Google Inbox? Are you looking for an invite to the Google Inbox? Learn how to get an invite to the Google Inbox and try your hands before others.

    Recently we got some news related to Google Inbox updates. What is actually Google Inbox? Is it related to Android apps or General search engine updates? If it is for Smartphone, will it work for iOS and normal browsers? What are the features of Google Inbox in general. Kindly explain about it.
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  • This is a new feature developed by Google for Gmail.
    Steps to get an invite : -
    You can send an email to Google for the Google Inbox invite. Send a mail to "". Google will then send you an confirmation mail. Then it will send you a Google inbox request. After a request mail by Google, you need to activate Google Inbox by its Mobile App. Once its activated, you can use it on normal browsers also.

    The app is available on following link :
    Google Inbox Android App

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  • To use Google Inbox service, you should have an invitation from Google based on your usage of Google services. But you can even ask Google for Invitation of Inbox, by sending a simple email requesting for this on You will get confirmation in reply from Google. They will say,

    "Thanks for requesting an invite. We'll send you one as soon as possible. Your friends at Gmail"

    Google Inbox Features:
    It helps to organize the things better and keeps the stuff simple. 'Bundle' helps you to keep your similar stuffs and messages at one place. You do not need to look into the large dump. 'Highlights' features highlights the important instructions, attributes and information without even reading or opening the email, thus saves time. 'Reminders' features helps to remind the important events, happenings and meetings by built in support. 'Snooze' helps you to remind again the important message so, you cannot miss the deal/event/happening and also you can set time for next appearance as fresh email. 'Search' helps you to find what you exactly need based on the email content. 'Works with Gmail' feature keep the mail from Gmail at one place and will become bridge between Inbox and Gmail.

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  • I have just written a full fledged article on the all new Google Inbox. Check that out by clicking on the below given link:

    Understanding Google Inbox - A new Gmail User Interface


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