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    System update failed, Xolo Q600S - how to solve this kind of problem?

    Are you getting an error while trying to root your Xolo phone? Did your update fail in the middle? Get solutions to your Android rooting problems.

    When I tried to update(official) my Xolo Q600S(not rooted) the phone boots and it shows updating system software but after a while it shows update failed, "/system/app/BasicDream.apk" has unexpected contents.
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload/
    (Status 7)
    Guide me how to install update to my Xolo Q600S?
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  • Dear friend,

    This problem might be due to any sort of misplacement of update or boot files on your smartphone. To overcome this problem, first you will need to hard rest the phone to bring the files back to their original positions. To do that, there are two ways:

    If you know the security code of your smartphone...

    Yes, if you know the factory reset code of your phone, the you can simply go to the security setting in your smartphone and restore the set to the factory settings.

    If you don't remember such code...

    Now, if you do not remember the factory reset code of your phone, follow the below steps to hard reset it.

    1)Switch off your handset.

    2) Press Home key, volume down key and Switch on/off key simultaneously and wait till any triangle shaped logo appears.

    3) After that, release the buttons and follow the options on the screen to erase the phone data and restore it to its original settings.

    You are done! Now update the phone according to your normal procedure and hopefully you will not get any sort of error.


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