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    How to split screen in Windows 7?

    How to use split screen option in Windows 7? Follow this thread to learn the tricks to make best use of your Windows 7.

    I am using Windows 7 OS and I would like to know how to use the split screen option there. I want to view two items simultaneously on one screen like say MS Excel File and a link opened in Chrome browser. How is it possible? Please mention detailed steps and procedure.
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  • Yes, you can split the screen in many parts.Follow the easy steps to split the screen :-

    First open the two applications on which you have to work on say Google chrome and MS-Excel
    Click on the top of the window and drag the window towards right using the left mouse button.

    Now click on the other Window ,using the top of the window and drag that to left .
    If the windows get overlapped then take the cursor at the corner of the one window and double ended arrow will appear at the corner.

    On using that window you can resize the window easily according to yourself. when you will go leftward the size of the window placed on right will increase and vice versa.

    Use Alt+Tab key to switch between the tabs.

  • I have found the following solution consistently effective on Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. As mentioned above, have both (or more) applications running simultaneously on separate tabs. "Click" on each application to select them (sequentially) and then "click" the "restore down" button on the immediate left of the red X "close" button. This will produce a variable size window. "Drag" its title bar to the side, activate(select)an underlying window and repeat "restore down" (it looks like a 3D box). Each tab can be re-sized (as described by Alok), by dragging a double pointing arrow which appears when the cursor straddles the right or bottom window boundary. This method will accommodate multiple web browser tabs as well applications like Word, Paint,PDF's etc.

  • Snap feature in 'Windows 7' lets you position your open windows or applications to half the screen. Means it just splits the screen into two halves and arranges your applications.

    Below I listed three ways to do the same job, but differently.

    Using Mouse
    1. Point your mouse point on the title bar of the open window.
    2. Left click on it and drag to the side of the screen.
    3. While dragging you will notice a separation or outline to split the screen.
    4. Then release the window, it automatically adjusts your window to one half of the screen.

    Using Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Open two windows which you want to share half of the screen each.
    2. Now, holding the 'Windows Key' press any of the 'Left' or 'Right' arrow keys to split the window in that direction.
    3. Use, 'Alt Key + Tab' to switch to other window.
    4. Repeat step 2 again. Now your windows occupy half of the screen each.

    Using Task Bar
    1. Right-click on empty space on the task bar. You can see 3 options above 'Show the Desktop'.
    2. To make your applications occupy half of the screen, choose 'Select Windows Side by Side' option.
    3. You can use other options to see their respective arrangements.

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