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    How to create new apps for smartphones

    Want to develop Android apps and sell through PlayStore? Learn how to develop and distribute Android apps through Google PlayStore.

    I have no idea about creating apps for Google Playstore or iPhone usage etc. Can anyone guide me on how to develop new apps for smartphones to use and make it downloadable from PlayStore?
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  • Fundamental concepts about Android app development:
    For building your first Android app be sure you have your development environment set up. You need to:

    1. Download the Android SDK.
    2. Install the ADT plugin for Eclipse (if you'll use the Eclipse IDE).
    3. Download the latest SDK tools and platforms using the SDK Manager.

    To build your app you need to:

    1. Chose category of your app like building apps with multimedia, content sharing, graphics and animation, connectivity and cloud, user info and location etc.

    2. Create new Android project with the help of the Android SDK.

    Read how to build Android apps using the Android SDK click here.

    To make downloadable your apps from a play store, you need to upload that app first
    Publish your Android apps to the Google Play store. Once you sign up for a developer account, uploading your apps is easy.

    Follow the procedure:

    1. Click the link to start the procedure

    2. You need to Accept Developer Agreement and after clicking on "continue to purchase" You have to pay $ 25 (account will valid for lifetime) to purchase the developer app.

    3. New windows will pop-up of Google wallet (required credit or debit card for payment) you need to click on "start now" button to Pay Registration Fee.

    4.A new window will appear that says "setup Google wallet". After filing the details, click on "Accept and continue" to set up Google wallet (here sign up for a developer account is finished).

    5. After this, you need to re-login to the developer account which is created (after the overall process from step 1 to 4 site will automatically show to log in to your account after setting up all the details).

    6. After login, you will redirect to developer console where you can see all the apps that are uploaded by your account and you can upload new applications of apk by clicking on "Add new application" button.

    In this procedure you just created the developer account to upload your apk apps.
    To know more about uploading apps to play store click here

  • You can also use game engines like Unity3D to create awesome content for smartphones. You can create 3D as well as 2D games with Unity3D.

    First of all you need to have the Software Development Kit for the preferred platform that you are building the application for for example for Android you need to have Android Development Toolkit in your system. Then you just need to set it up with the Unity3D game engine. Now, you just need create your game or application once on Unity3D. After that you can deploy it on a number of platforms of smartphones like Android, IPhone, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

    So, this would be a great option for someone who intents to create applications for different platforms.

    The programming languages used in Unity3D are Javascript, C# and its own scripting language Boo.

    The best thing about Unity3D is that it has a fully functional free version which can be used even to make games and use it commercially.

    To publish the app you need to create an account in Google Play (or whatever platform you prefer) with a small amount of fees. You can do that by following the steps provided in the answer above.

    I hope this helps you out.

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