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    How to overcome heating issue of Redmi 1S

    Read this thread to know how to fix the heating issue of Xiaomi Redmi 1S without lowering its performance and without rooting.

    Heating is the major disadvantage of Redmi 1S.
    I tried to install latest MIUI ROM of version 45.0. Heating problem has been solved but there is lack of performance because they just lowered the CPU frequency at 1.2GHz.
    Please guide me how to fix heating issue without lowering the performance and without rooting.
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  • As per the response from Redmi's officials in FB's,

    This has been a known issue, but as Redmi 1S runs at 1.6GHz on quad-core, this heat is expected.
    It will get solve in next update. You will get next ROM update in few days !
    Hang on till that time.

    Also dial *#*#4636#*#* on you dial pad. Check the battery temperature...
    45 degrees is normal.
    But heating issue will get minimize in next update!

  • Heating is common for this device and this is also reported by so many customers who own this mobile. Don't take tension, be cool because I was assured by the customer care official of Xiaomi Redimi 1S that efforts are in progress to decrease the heating problem in Redmi 1S.

    If the problem still persists then it's better that you should contact to the customer care on this number -1800 103 6286 and locate the nearest service center.

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