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    Ubuntu supports .exe files or not ?

    Is there a way to play Windows games in Ubuntu? What will happen to your Windows apps if you switch to Ubuntu OS? Learn how to switch from Windows to Ubuntu.

    I'm planning to install Ubuntu in my PC for faster performance, but I don't know about Ubuntu has ability to run .exe files or not. If not so there is way to emulate .exe files in Ubuntu? If it able to run .exe files so can I play high end games in my PC(Ubuntu installed) with 2GB of RAM and 2.9GHz Dual core intel processor?
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  • Ubuntu, which is Linux based Operating System does not have .exe compatibility. This is why Linux/Ubuntu is virus free Operating System. To play and install high end games in Ubuntu, There are two options with you.

    1.You should ask or purchase or select compatible version of the games.
    2. Install Windows OS within the Ubuntu OS by Virtual Machine or Virtual Box software.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • No,You can't run .exe files on Ubuntu as .exe file formats are not supported in Ubuntu operating system. Also you can't play Windows games in Ubuntu OS.

  • Since Ubuntu OS is based on Linux framwork, so it is not possible to run .exe files on ubuntu directly. But you can run .exe files and games on ubuntu using a small software named wine. Wine can easily emulates .exe files on a Linux OS. Mostly it comes preinstalled in almost every version of Ubuntu OS. You can find it under the programs/applications section.
    I have played Max Payne 2 (2 GB in size) using wine on a Linux/Ubuntu operating system without any error. So you can definitely play games video games for Windows OS on Ubuntu using wine easily.

  • Ubuntu is a distribution (also called as Distro) of Gnu/Linux which is a UNIX like operating systems. It is not possible to run .exe files natively in Gnu/Linux. You can install Wine (Windows emulator) from Ubuntu repository using package management tools like apt or from software centre. There are frontends like Winetricks, Swine, PlayOnLinux which will help you configure supported Windows softwares in Gnu/Linux.
    There are paid counterparts which are based on Wine like CrossOver Office, CrossOver Games from Codeweavers, GameTree Linux (formerly called Cedega) also exists. In a default Gnu/Linux installation, I will have Microsoft Office and Core fonts (true type) installed using Wine or CrossOver Office.

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