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    Any multipurpose power banks with flashlight?

    Are you looking for powerbanks that can serve multiple functions such as flashlight, keychain, camera, phone etc? Please suggest multiple purpose powerbanks.

    It's not worth carrying a power bank just for recharging the phone. Are there any power banks that offers multiple functions such as flashlight, key chain etc?
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  • Yes, it is better to have Power bank for changing different devices or gadgets at a time rather than just smartphone. is offering various branded power bank as discounted sale which help us to choose and buy Multi purpose Power bank with different features. Few of them from Amazon are as follows;

    Multipin Portable Power Bank 4400mAH with LED Indicator for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Mp3, Mp4 Players and its price is Rs 1900 at the moment. Ref:

    Cool Yellow - ZOON 2800 mAh - Portable USB Charger - Power Bank - Emergency LED Flashlight (SAMSUNG Genuine Batteries) for Rs 699 at the moment.


  • These are the several multipurpose power bank available online:-

    Romoss 10000mAH Power Bank for Tablet ,Smartphone and Laptop.
    Price- Rs 1289.00 (Amazon)

    HCL Mobile Battery Power Bank Portable Emergency Charger USB LED TORCH 7800Mah

    Price Rs 799(Amazon)

    Portronics Mojo POR301 Power Bank Charger and Rechargable LED Torch
    Price Rs 934.00 (Amazon)


    Price Rs 2999 on Amazon

    MAXXLITE 5600mAh Powerbank with Indicator with Torch
    Price Rs 799 on Amazon

    5000 mAh Power Bank with Torch and 4 in 1 Data Cable for Samsung/ Nokia/ Apple

    Price Rs 699 on amazon

    BLUE COLOR 2600 mAh Battery Power Bank Portable charger with key chain

    Price Rs 399 on eBay

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