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    How to find or search good SEO optimized domain name

    How to choose a good domain name. This is one of the biggest challenges for many bloggers. get some tips to choose the most effective domain name.

    I want to register a good domain name for my newly created blog. I want a domain name which can fetch more traffic to my blog, but in this scenario I don't know how to find a good SEO optimize domain name. Suggest some method or platforms where I can search good SEO domain name.
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  • SEO is based on what people generally search. Now the blog which you have created must be based on some area of interest, and people must be searching somewhere or other for it. So try to pick the word that is directly related to your subject...for example,if you are writing on technology,use the word tech if not the entire form of the word, and then the word synonymous to blog, writing, information etc. Try to get a short name clubbing two or more ideas.
    Try these sites, which offer effective tools for Domain name suggestions.

    Hope they work for you. All the best.

  • Picking up a right and unique domain is not easy work as there are a lot of domains present. A list of top ten domain generator tools is here:
    1. Domainr
    2. Learn Domain Search
    3. Bustaname
    4. Impossibilty
    5. Nameboy
    6. Domaim Typer
    7. Name Mesh
    8. Domize
    9. Wordiod
    10. Dot o mator

    Prabhat Jani

  • Frankly speaking, most tools out there offer average results. I suggest manually checking domain names.

    First, decide what is your blog niche. Then, use Google AdWords to find out top searched keywords related to that niche. Make a list of 5 words and then use some free tools to suggest domain names from your keywords.
    Hope this helps.
    Feel free to ask more.

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