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    Android apps to securely manage SMS

    Are you looking for an app to organize your SMS in your phone? Find out some of your best options to manage SMS in Smartphones.

    We know that we have various apps for Chat / sharing Images or Videos in Smartphones viz. Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram and Hike etc. but those are not associated with our Incoming our Outgoing SMS to show in a better way which SMS sender used to send with mess up through 160 character max.

    Is there any app available to download and use it for our SMS to look and organize better or we can say as Smart SMS. Kindly advice.
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  • Advanced-SMS Manager Free is one of the best Android apps to organize SMS in the best way with very useful SMS management options.

    It is a user friendly app with very simple user interface that makes easy to understand and use.

    It has automatic manage SMS funtion to manage SMS automatically. In addition to displaying the count of SMS's Read/Unread and it can speak the unread messages by text to speech function.

    The basic features of this app are:

    Manage groups messages - Create, send and delete.

    Call contact from SMS.

    Display SMS with phonebook picture, count of SMS's Read/Unread.

    Defaults groups -Tickets/Reservations/Offers/Coupons/Bank/Password/Social/Jobs/Others
    with automatic sorting system.

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