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  • What is a file extension? Why file extension should not be changed?

    Want to more about File Extension? Also looking for why we cannot change the file extension once it is specified by a software and what are the effects after changing the file extension? Find the experts views here.

    What is a file extension? Why it should not be changed? What are all the features that a file extension indicates about a file? If file extension is changed, then what will happen to that particular file?
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  • @Lakshmi,
    Here are answers to your questions.
    1. File extension is last part of name of file and is used to indicate type of file. By using file extension the computer even humans can identify the file. and the program to with which that file should be opened.
    For example, if you are creating MS-word document then file extension should be in .doc or .docx format or if you are creating Java program then you must give extension as .java.
    2. Now if you change the file extension then default program with which that file must be opened will not open the file and program associated with file name extension tries to open the file. But it could not open the file as the files should be opened with their appropriate or associated program.

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  • File extension is generally used to indicate type of file and format. Example Win.exe, Win.doc, win.pdf, win.jpg etc. In first example ".exe extension means its windows file."
    .doc means document file
    .pdf means pdf document file
    .jpg means image file

    Therefore we should not change file extension. Yes we can convert file format to another once and then extension change. Example ".doc file convert to pdf"

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  • If we carefully look at the names of our files, we will find that there is a three letter or four letter suffix followed by a dot after the name of the file. This suffix is called the filename extension. In fact, this is the encoding or file format by which the computer programme recognises the file to open it, if it is associated with that programme. Some common file extension names are .doc or .dox for word documents, .xls for Microsoft Excel files, .png, .bmp, .jpeg etc. for image files, .exe for executable files, .bat for batch files, .txt for text files and so on. The file systems like he FAT file systems or NFTS limit the length of the file extension. This is the reason we find that the most of our file extension names are limited to three letters and occasionally four letters. The separator dot is accepted as a legal character by the Unix filesystems. The filenames are a type of metadata giving information about the way how the data is stored in the file. The file extensions in MS DOS and MS Windows with extensions like exe, com or bat indicate that the file names with these extensions are the programme executable files.

    In case, we change the file extension, then the file will not open since the system cannot recognise the type of the file format and the programme with which the file is associated will not be able to open it. We will usually be asked the information about the programme with which the files is associated to open the file. So, we should not change the file extension name of the file, which sometimes we do accidentally while changing the name of our files.

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  • Simply file extension means a group of letters followed by the file name which indicates the purpose or contents of a file. Theoretically a file extension is a suffix followed by the file name and which is separated by a dot, to encode the contents or usage of the respective file. .png , .jpeg, exe, dmg, txt are some examples of file extension. The file extensions are helpful to find out what kind of data is embedded in that file. For example .png, .jpg are used to indicate images and 'txt'- extension of filename readme.txt , html the extension of mysite.index.html. The file extension of a file should not be changed because if the file looses its identity then the system will not able to identify the file and hence it will be not possible to open that respective file.

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