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    Is there any copyright issue for a domain name

    Are you allowed to use domain names that include trademarked names? What are the legal issues in registering a domain name that contain trademarks of other companies? Get expert advice here.

    Seeing the popularity for the keyword "Best Antivirus 2014", I just purchased a domain name "" from GoDaddy website for 1 year. As far as my understanding goes, I am allowed to purchase any such domain name as it does not belong to a brand or company. However, to be safe, I want to check if AntiVirus related domain names carry any copyrights with them. Will this domain name cause any issue in future? Kindly share related information for permitted domain names.
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  • I am not a professional expert about copyright issues, but from what I can understand of the domain name that you have selected, it does not refer to any reputed trademark name or company. The domain name contains only words, namely 'best' and 'antivirus' as well as the year which is 2015. Now, from what I can figure out, the words best and antivirus are commonly used words. As such, they cannot really be considered as trademark names. I doubt if these words are patented or have copyrights!

    Since you say you have registered the domain name with GoDaddy, I would suggest that you confirm from their own in-house experts whether it would create any legal problems for you in the future. Better still, consult some legal professional in your area who has expertise on Internet copyright issues.


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