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    Is a warranty valid for an online purchase of a smart phone, computer, PC tablet or laptop?

    Are you concerned about the warranty of your online purchases? Do you get a warranty card for online purchases? Is it safe to buy online? Find the answers here.

    When we buy from a retail store, we are assured of a warranty for certain parts of the device. We even get a store-stamped warranty card from the store. Does the same apply to an online purchase? After all, we often see great discounts and offers on computing devices like tablets, notebooks, destktops and the like. This tempts us to make an online purchase to save on money. So is it wise to buy online merely to save on money and not bother about the warranty? Would the warranty hold good even for an online purchase?
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  • Yes. You will get warranty supports even if you buy anything online for a given brand. The only condition is, you should have retail receipt or online bill with you with complete details of model number and other required details like date, serial number, price etc.

    I normally shop online and also getting warranty supports for whatever I buy. So do not worry about all these.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Yes, warranty remains valid even if you buy the product from online stores. The only difference is, when you buy from an authorized shop, the respective shop handles the work associated with your laptop and they call the engineer of the respective brand to fix the error.

    If you buy online you'll have to call the brand's help center and they will service the product at their service center or their engineers will come to your home.

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