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    How to work offline in a Google Drive doc on a Chrome notebook?

    Are you planning to buy a Chrome book? Are you concerned about the bandwidth usage in Chromebooks? Learn how to work with Google docs in Chromebooks without losing connectivity and without consuming lot of bandwidth.

    My query is related specifically to a Chrome Notebook. Suppose I buy a Chrome Notebook. To work in a Google Drive doc, we first need to connect to the Internet. Then suppose I want to continue working in that same doc, but don't want to eat up Net connectivity time, can I do so? Can I work offline on an MS Word doc which I have saved in my Google Drive? If yes, please explain with step by step guidance.
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  • You can enable the option 'enable offline work' in settings menu of Google Drive online application. It is installing one Google Drive extension in Google chrome browser through that we can work offline with Google Drive data and it will be automatically get updated when the internet connection is restored in system.

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