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    What is the difference between D-Link "Dir-600M" and "DIR-600L" routers?

    Want to buy a router? Check out the detailed information, prices and comparison of D-Link Dir-600M and DIR-600L routers.

    Hello Sir,

    I would like to buy a router but I am a little confused between D-Link "Dir-600M" and "DIR-600L" models. There is slight difference in pricing but DIR-600L has more features. Hence I need to know which is better among the two. Please suggest me which one should I buy.

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  • For D-Link Dir-600M is a home router and for this you get 3 years warranty and for D-Link Dir-600l is cloud router and for this you get only 1 year warranty.

    When D-link Dir-600M is compared to D-Link Dir-600l, Dir-600l have much more features then Dir-600M like Stateful Packet Inspection, Mac Address Filtering, URL Filtering, consumes less power and much more.

    Viraj Naik (Certified Ethical Hacker)

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