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    Fundamental differences between Ubuntu and Windows

    Do you want to know the fundamental differences between Ubuntu OS and Windows OS? Follow this thread to learn how to get started with Ubuntu.

    My friend said that the Ubuntu is really fast and better Operating System with great performance. I installed Ubuntu in VMware but I didn't understand any thing about it. The Interface was so simple but there wasn't any kind of start button to explore the applications list. Also didn't understand where is the task manager.

    Can you explain what are the fundamental differences between Windows and Ubuntu OS?
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  • 1. The fundamental difference between the Windows and Ubuntu is nature of kernel it provides.
    2. Ubuntu is completely free and available as open source while one needs to pay for Windows.
    3. Ubuntu does not support executable files (.exe) so, mostly it is virus free OS while Windows is not.
    4. Ubuntu Desktop OS can also work as server but Windows Desktop OS does not support server.
    5. Ubuntu supports multiple desktop environment while Windows does not.
    6. Ubuntu installation is quite complex process while Windows OS installation is very simple.
    7. Ubuntu OS comes with many useful software like Office while one has to separately install MS Office in Windows.
    8. Ubuntu OS has its own software manager while Windows does not have that.
    9. Ubuntu OS normally installs the software and tools by terminal while Windows does that by simple installation package and instructions.
    10. According to me, Ubuntu is not so friendly OS as Windows is. Ubuntu on the other hand does not support most software that Windows supports.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Both Ubuntu and Windows are Operating Systems, here are some of the differences I know:

    1. Ubuntu is free and Windows is not.

    2. Ubuntu is a free and open source based linux operating system. Ubuntu has a open source whereas Windows has closed source.

    3. The taskbar is placed at the left side in Ubuntu whereas in Windows it resides at the bottom by default.

    4. Ubuntu is a bit difficult to learn for the usual Windows user, however, one can easily get used to it in a few weeks.

    5. Ubuntu OS has very less system requirements for installation. Ubuntu can be installed on a PC with atleast 768 MB of RAM and 5GB of disk space.

    6. Ubuntu can provide users multiple desktop environments but Windows cannot.

  • Ubuntu is based on Debian and it is a Linux distribution. Ubuntu takes kernel from linux and setup the tools based on the community. The repository for the ubuntu is clsosed and it only accepts secure and tested programs. Like debian, the programs pass two popular distros. That way ubuntu has more stable computer programs.

    Windows is a different OS than that of Unix based programs. Window based operating system is different to that of UNIX and Linux based operating system. It has different networking and Kernel architecture. If you check memory management part of Windows, then you will find it works differently to that of Linux. It is also different to that of Linux in terms of security and other options like software installation and management.

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