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    Should buy Redmi 1S or Android One smartphone?

    Want to buy a decent smartphones and confused between Redmi 1S or Android One smartphones? Check out the detailed comparison of both the devices to make an informed decision.

    I'm planning to buy a new Android smartphone but confused which one is better from these two-Redmi 1S and Android One. If you have Android One or Redmi 1S please share your experiences and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both devices. So should I buy Redmi 1S or Android One?
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  • Advantages of Redmi 1s phone:

    • Cheap phone with plenty of amazing features.

    • User get the flexibility to use MIUI OS which is pretty similar to Android OS.

    • In comparison to Android One phones, Redmi phones have been in the market for a longer duration and so you know most good or bad things about these phones.

    Disadvantages of Redmi 1s phone:

    • Xiaomi Redmi's heating problem is known to all.

    Advantages of Android One phone:

    • Being a Google phone, it won't contain any unnecessary built-in apps.

    • Android One users will get the latest Android updates.

    Disadvantages of Android One phone:

    • Being relatively new in the market, there are not enough reviews that reveal any negative points for this phone.

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    Bhakti Savla

  • Xiaomi Redmi 1s-

    The xiaomi Redmi 1s is a best cheapest Smartphone that had attracted a lots of customers .The Smartphone has heating problem as reported by many of the users.Being new to the market there are only 36 service centres of Xiaomi are available in India and hence this can be a drawback of the smartphone.

    Android One-

    The android one Smartphone is latest to the market which is available under the brand name of Spice, Micromaxx and Karbonn. The Smartphone's interface is customized by google and hence can be changed as you wish. Karbonn Sparkle V, Micromaxx canvas A1 and Spice Dream UNO are the three android one Smartphones. The Android one Smartphone has a advantage that its gets automatic updates up to 2years.It's provide you everything expected from a Smartphone.

  • I am using Xiaomi Redmi 1S. I purchased this mobile on the first sale. I was surprised by the performance of Redmi 1S. This mobile has MIUI as default user interface. It is nothing but a theme which looks exactly like iPhone user interface. This is a heavy theme, in the sense the file size is large. This theme demands plenty of RAM approx 200 MB and will be running all the time.

    In other phone if the physical RAM is fully occupied, the new application you launch will make use of physical RAM and the idle process will be moved to SWAP space. The SWAP is nothing but your internal storage which acts like RAM. In Xiaomi Redmi 1S there is very less SWAP space.

    This two are the major reason that causes the phone to heat a lot. In the latest update the SWAP space has been increased and users claim that heating has been reduced.

    CyanogenMod for Redmi 1S
    I flashed my mobile with CyanogenMod ROM. So now I am running Android KitKat version and MIUI is Android Jelly Bean. Android KitKat has very good memory management feature. Now my phone's heating problem is fully solved. I can also see the improvements in available RAM space. In MIUI I was having 249 MB free space out of 1 GB where in CyanogenMod I have more than 350 MB free space.

    My point is this phone deserves the top place.

    MIUI vs CyanogenMod
    It has heating problem and long time to charge the battery. As I shifted to CyanogenMod I didn't try installing the update. It seems this two issues are solved after the update. In MIUI camera quality is good. The pictures are bright and clean even in dark places. You will love the simplicity of OS. If you get SMS it will automatically pops up and you reply right from where you are working without launching the messaging app. Apps pre-installed in Redmi 1S are creative as well as beautiful.

    This ROM is simple and gives you stock Android experience. Performance wise it is better than MIUI but it loses against design. It don't have several option that is present in MIUI. In MIUI you have guest mode and if you trigger it other users can't access your photos, message and videos. Bother not, you can get those kind of apps in Google Play store. Battery backup as well as charging time is far more improved from MIUI.

    Android One phone:
    I haven't used those mobiles. Anyway Redmi 1S is Rs.500 less than Android One phone and so I find it hard to compare.

    I suggest you to buy Redmi 1S plus 16 GB memory card (Rs.500). Hope you can see the difference now.

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