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    How to use PC monitor as a TV?

    Is it possible to use a computer monitor or laptop screen as a TV? What are the accessories needed to make it work? Read suggestions from our experts to make the best use of your computer screen.

    I recently went to a small roadside hotel and was surprised to see that they had used desktop monitor as a TV. The sound was through a small USB speaker. I have both the screen and speakers lying idle in my house and even I would like to use it as a TV. Can anyone please tell me how to do it?
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  • You have to buy a tv tuner card compatible with your monitor and with your tv service provider to which you have subscribed.This tuner card will have a separate remote control where you have to press the "instructed" number for tv, to install the system and establish the connection between the devices.

    There will be several modes available, among which you have to go through the trial and error process for a few minutes to see which one works better for you, if you are not going for an external professional help, and want to do all by yourself.

    Each time you switch on the power plug, you have to first switch on the tuner card, then you have to switch on the tv set top box.
    If you are still a cable tv viewer, you have to do this with the help of your cable tv operator.

    One thing before buying. You have to give your monitor details, tv subscriber details to the shopkeeper and ask for the compatible tuner card.

    This is from my current personal experience. When we upgraded our PC monitor, we had to change the TV tuner card as well.
    It would cost around Rs. 500 - 1100 depending upon the model of your monitor.

  • Definitely you need TV tuner card of reputed make. TV tuner will become bridge between them. But I have experienced that one need to change resolution each time you will switch between TV and monitor. So. Do take care this in mind.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • You can easily use a PC monitor as TV. All you need is a supporting TV Tuner Card. I am providing you the list of few TV tuner card along with the prices:

    1. iBall Claro CTV27 TV Tuner Card
    Supports 4:3 resolution Monitors.
    Price Rs. 1319 on Flipkart

    2. iBall Claro TV18 TV Tuner Card
    The slim TV tuner card available at just Rs. 1,680 on Flipkart .

    Check the product specifications to know whether it will support your TV setup or not.

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