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    How to get AC remote repaired?

    How to get the AC remote replaced or repaired? This is a problem faced by many people. Learn how to get your air conditioner's remote control repaired.

    I have a split AC of a very reputable brand at my house. I am using it since last 3 years. Suddenly the remote has stopped working. I would like to know how can I get it repaired. How to find service center in my city? How much will it cost? Please provide an approx price if possible.
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  • Before repairing the AC remote control, first make sure of the followings.

    1. Check the battery and make sure it is not fully discharged. Try to check it by using new ones.
    2. If still AC remote is not working, try to rub end points of battery and its corresponding joint in remote. It may possible that due to rusting, electrical charge may not pass through it.
    3. If all of the above steps do not solve your problem, you go to AC repair worker or shop and ask them to do needful.
    4. If repairing is not solved, you should buy new one.

    Paresh Gujarati,
    NIT-Surat (SVNIT)

  • Firstly, replace the old batteries with new ones and try to use it. If the problem persists, visit the nearest electronic repairs shop and ask them to repair it.

    There is another way to check if your remote is working or not. Start your camera (phone or point and shoot) and press the buttons on the remote facing the camera. If you see some light, it signifies that the remote is working and the problem may lie with the AC.

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