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    Differences between Windows OS & Android OS

    What are the primary differences between Windows phones and Android phones? Share your thoughts or read feedback from the experts.

    These days I am planning to buy a smartphone. Some phones had Windows operating system whereas others are embedded with Android operating system. I would like to know whether it's better to take phone with Windows operating system or Android operating system. What are the featurs of Windows and Android operating system? I need to know the difference between the two.
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  • Android and Windows Phone are two different operating system platforms in which Android is developed and distributed by Google and Windows is developed and distributed by Microsoft. Here I will tell you some of the features / differences between these two platforms. From the beginning onwards Android phones are much common in the market because of their cheap rates and many of the companies are promoting Android devices. In case of Windows Phone, they have a limited number of manufactures and most of the devices are much costlier. Nokia Lumia 520 is the one which came with cheaper rates and made killer sales across the globe. If we compare Android with Windows Phone 8.0, there should be a lot of differences. But if we compare Android with Windows Phone 8.1, it becomes a powerful opponent.
    Features of Android OS The number of apps available in the store is one of its attractive feature. The ability to do extra activities such as rooting also makes it much attractive. Apps like Flash Transfer are very helpful for sending different types of files in Android. The main problem of low end Android devices is its poor performance when performing multiple task's.
    Features of Windows Phone OS In case of Windows Phone 8.1 it comes with better features than WP 8.0. Notification bar like Android, file manager availability, voice assistant Cortana, better performance even on low end devices, better security measures against malwares are some of the best features of Windows Phone. In my opinion just try both these OS with the help of your friends or relatives and choose the one you like the most.

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  • Both Operating Systems are giving its best performance(depends on the Hardware).
    Here both OS has some similarity and dissimilarity as follows
    1. Home screen:
    Windows: In windows phone the Home screen is the Live tiles which is combination
    of some basic apps like camera, gallery, phone, message, contact etc. with
    some other useful apps and widgets .

    Android: In android phone the Home screen has an background wallpaper with basic
    apps like camera, gallery, phone, contact, message with other apps shortcuts
    on the home screen and widgets can be added to the home screen.

    2. Flash support:
    It means root support to the device by which we can gain super user access over the device, allowing unrestricted access to the file system, tethering, extra hardware control, and more Its totally Like overclocking the device.
    Windows: currently any Windows phone OS does not support for root access.
    Android: All Android OS are supported for root access.
    root access give major help over the device as we can install latest Android
    OS unofficially, battery can be saved by setting CPU frequency at low,
    innumerable customization to the whole android OS is possible.
    Android is best for customization of whole system.
    We can also experience the the windows phone OS in Android by using launchers which are available in the play store and in other market.

    3. App support:
    Windows phone does not support android apps and Android phone does not support Windows apps but possible to run other apps by emulation.

    4. Number of Apps available:
    Windows: there are more than 400,000 apps are officially available for Windows.
    Android: over 1million apps officially available for Android in play store.
    You can find large amount of apps for Android but not for Windows

    5. best selling smartphone OS in market:
    The smartphone with Android OS integrity is best selling over the world

    IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2013, 2012, and 2011 Chart

    conclusion: Better to take Android based smartphone as it has additional features than the windows based smartphone, very easy to use, customization is possible and also possible to experience the Windows phone OS by thousand of launchers(apps) available in play store, You will maximally see only android smartphone in hand of every person as compare to windows OS based phone.

  • This is the difference between the Android OS and the Windows OS-
    The Android smartphone is operated by the Android operating system whereas the Windows smartphone is operated with the help of Windows operating System. The Android Operating system is managed by Google whereas Microsoft does this job for the Windows operating System. The Android operating system is free whereas the Windows operating system is closed sourced.
    The major drawback of the Windows operating system is that the updates are provided only by the Microsoft . The application for the Windows operating system are limited.
    The Android operating system get updates from the different parties and there are so many Android apps available compared to Windows operating system.The latest version of the operating system is Windows 8.1 for Windows based smartphones whereas Android 4.4 Kitkat for the Android based Smartphones. The Windows smartphone offers live tiles type of interface. However Android smartphones are still ahead in the race. The Android smartphone offers you a homescreen view.

  • As generally we know that Windows OS is from Microsoft and Android OS is from Google, it is all depend on Smartphone manufacturer to use OS as per their choice. Right now, Android OS is widely used in various branded Smartphone worldwide whereas Windows OS or Windows Phone is using by few smartphone manufacturer reasonably. Since Smartphone is touch-integrated, thus Android and iOS picked up well since the beginning. At the same time, Windows OS 7 or later version came little later than Android and iOS that's why they are lagging behind though it has better feature.

    In another case, some branded smartphone manufacturer used their own OS where they immediately started to associated with Android OS to enrich their business, for example - Samsung BADA OS changed to Samsung Android OS ontime which helped them out for success and various device releases.

    At the moment, I can recommend you to buy any good brand with Android OS smartphone only.


  • People in the mobile field can easily say that "Apple is the company which makes people stick only to their software where as Android is about openness". On the other hand "Windows Phone" is pushing hard to adjust in this competitive environment.

    Some of the basic differences I noticed on these two mobile Operating systems are listed below.

    Personal Digital Assistants
    Windows raised the curtain with "Cortana", which is a voice based digital assistant but Android market caught this feature very early and came up with "Google Now". When compared both work well with normal usage but Google Now makes a slight difference which shows direct results based on a question rather than showing lot of options like Cortana. More over Cortana is little rude, weird and sometimes funny. Google Now scores more in this feature.

    People with even less knowledge on other mobile features can handle this feature easily. It predicts ease of use of a handset. Windows lags much in this segment because only things we can do is resizing tiles, shrink them but the same square tiles of course with different sizes. One can say that we can customize everything on Android platform right from settings, sound, keyboard, battery usage, Apps etc.,

    In Windows Phone, lot of settings make user confused rather than feel happy where as Android provides a clear set of settings for different applications and makes user job much easier.

    Android is step ahead when compared to Windows Phone in this segment. We can even customize the keyboard layout depending on our use whether to go for a default version or a swipe one. Windows Phone is strict as we have to go with a swipe keyboard which leaves no choice for the user.

    Battery Life
    Windows Phone has better battery department when compared to Android as one can see the battery usage by different apps and estimated time remaining before the battery gets emptied. You can optimize battery usage for different apps when battery levels drop to a particular percent using 'Battery Saver'. It is not the same with Android. Only we can see battery usage for different apps and options are less compared to Windows Phone.

    Camera section of Android still lacks some features where as it is a way better in Windows Phone. Moreover, quality of photos in Windows Phone is much better.

    Android lags a bit in this section because when an update is available it tries to update OS layer by layer but a refreshing point is they come more frequently with lot of fixes for security vulnerabilities and issues. In Windows Phone, you just need to turn on developer mode app and it updates OS as soon as they are available.

    Apps Section
    Ton and tons of apps in Play Store for Android makes a better player in this field. On the other Windows haven't concentrated here as many popular apps are still in beta version. When compared to Android they have very less number of apps in store.

    The final verdict is "Though Windows Phone is much powerful and cheaper, it needs a great hardware for the better implementation. In the case of Android it runs smooth as silk even with the minimum hardware. Moreover you can customize your phone as you like depending on you mood".

    My suggestion is better go for Android to get the best from most of its features at a low cost. If your budget is a little more and you need a more stylish and good looking, Windows Phone is the absolute one.

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