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    How to overcome Windows 10 installation error "Error oxc1900101-0x20017"?

    Are you looking for a solution to the Windows 10 installation error Error oxc1900101-0x20017? Follow this thread to learn more about this error.

    I was able to successfully download Windows 10 Preview ISO file, however my friend faced some errors while installing Windows 10 OS. In his bid to upgrade his Windows OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10, he got the installation error message "Error oxc1900101-0x20017". He is now unable to fix this Windows 10 installation bug. I read somewhere that this error could be a result of the fact that he upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Someone suggested that this Windows 10 compatibility problem could be resolved by executing Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant. Can someone please provide sure-shot solutions for this Windows 10 Technical Preview installation failure?
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  • This error dates back to Windows 8.1 update when trying to upgrade people got blue screen and system restarts and shows message saying the update could not be done and they restored the previous version of windows on this PC.

    With some investigation you can find it is because of compatibility issues with your system. Still there is no perfect solution for this. You can find some solutions in the below urls but I doubt they work with Windows 10.

    On the other side, one thing definitely helps you in this situation - Virtualization. I don't understand why people try to upgrade their OS working in good condition with a beta version which is fully of bugs and issues. I read in a blog that more than 60% of total people who downloaded Windows 10 just updated their existing OS with new one. Only 36% installed as a virtual machine.

    You can download a Virtual Manager like VMWare or VirtualBox and better install it as a virtual machine. The best part in Virtual Managers is "Whatever done inside the virtual machine confines to that application and does not effect the host system". You can find lots of articles on internet on how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview as a virtual machine. If still same issue occurs you can post on Microsoft Answers Forum.

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