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    How to uninstall Windows 10 preview?

    Are you looking for ways to get rid of Windows 10 from your computer and revert to previous version? Follow this thread and find answers from Windows experts.

    I recently installed Windows 10 on my work laptop. But now I realized it is a preview version and will not work in all scenarios. I am worried about the bugs and I can't afford to lose my data since this is my primary work computer.

    Is there anyway to uninstall Windows 10? Can I downgrade to previous version of Windows, say Windows 8 or Windows 7? Please help me with instructions and steps to uninstall Windows 10.
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  • If you've upgraded your system to Windows 10 you have most likely done through Windows Update, so you can uninstall the preview by undoing the action back. For this you need to open Windows Updates on your system and check the last installed updates which were done. You have to look for the Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2990214) and then uninstall it.

    Once uninstall procedure is over, you reboot your computer and you'll get your version of Windows restored.

    You also need to Remove Windows 10 Technical Preview From Multiple Boot
    Now to remove Windows 10 version from a multi-boot installation machine, you have to go to the Advanced Settings at boot and follow these steps:

    1. Re-Start the system and Choose an operating system screen.

    2. Select the Change defaults or else choose the other options.

    2. Then Choose an option screen and select Troubleshoot.

    3. In the Troubleshoot screen, select the option "Uninstall Preview updates" and you can get rid of Windows 10 and get back to the earlier version of Windows you had.

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