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    What is the issue of Flipkart with online customers

    Are you worried about a lot of negative comments spreading against Flipkart? Read how it can affect your online shopping with Flipkart.

    Recently we got couple of news from various sources saying that Flipkart has some issues against its online customer and their product dealing with different price tag or wrong price tag etc. I would like to know from you that what is the main issue from Flipkart? Did they cheated any customer online or do they have any different sort of financial issues? Kindly explain.
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  • The online shopping site Flipkart had announced the Big million sale day on Monday 6th October where the target was to sell products to millions of customers by providing heavy discounts. As it was a big day for Flipkart,it assumed that only 20% increase in traffic will be observed but fully opposite to that more than 1.5 million people shopped on the site that same day. During the shopping the site crash several times. The price rate of many products were not discounted for few hours. Many customers order got cancelled on that day as the stock was limited and more customers shopped the product at the same time. The products which were discounted the most were out in stock. This made the customer anxious against Flipkart and they started posting comment against Flipkart on shopping sites. On the next day the Flipkart sent an apology mail to its customers.

    The apology mail can be view in the link given below:-

  • After reading lot of blogs and articles, I made a quick analysis on the 'Big Billion Day' sale of Flipkart on 6th October, 2014.

    Comments Section disabled
    Everyone is in a hurry to make an order in the least time span to get the huge discount but many of them haven't noticed the disappearance of comments sections. Actually this plays a major role in identifying the product quality, usage, warranty and any manufacturing issues. This made many customers to re-think before they order a product.

    Buyhatke app disabled
    I read in some blogs that they disabled "Buy Hatke" app on that day, which is used to compare the prices of the same product on different sites. It tells you the best time to buy that product and apply any available coupons automatically to your shopping cart. This made people to re-think about the loyalty and honesty of Flipkart.

    Out of Stock issue
    Many of the people mainly complained about this issue on online forums and blogs. Many said that they saw "Out of Stock" banner within few seconds after product went to sale. They must have kept more number of items based on the demand of the product. Flipkart clearly failed in this segment.

    No Confirmation messages
    Even though some lucky ones managed to add product to their shopping cart and ordered the product, they didn't get confirmation messages like before. So they are in a state of confusion whether their order is confirmed or canceled. One of my friends managed to get "Moto E" at 79% discount for Rs.1500/- in the morning but in the evening it got canceled with out notice. Another friend ordered a "Canon Camera" for half the actual price and got confirmed message on next day evening.

    No Response from Customer Service
    The whole day I tried to call their customer service to ask details about a particular product. No one responded from the other side. Some times I got busy tone and the other time no one answered the call. At last I got frustrated and haven't ordered any thing.

    Internal Server Error and Page Not found Issues
    Many of them who tried to purchase that day faced these issues. Some pages redirected to other sites. Sometimes, servers were crashed. It is one of the cause that made "BBD" a joke on social networking sites. Through some issues are expected but being a leader among Indian start ups, they can do better. People kept lot of expectations on their quality and service.

    Delivery date got extended
    Though some are happy as they managed to get their product ordered, they got disappointed whey they saw the revised delivery dates on that evening. Flipkart has to stop "Same Day Delivery" and "Next Day Delivery" for few days to compensate these deliveries. They haven't anticipated this much huge response.

    Previous orders were deleted
    One one could understand the strategy behind this move. They totally deleted the previous orders from all the user accounts.

    Huge difference of product prices
    Many items came with wrong price tags as they showed other price when they moved to shopping kart which is totally different from the price they offered. Many noticed that they increased the prices of few items just a day before to show huge discounts on the "Big Billion Day".

    On the other end, many online rivals of Flipkart tried to a maximum extend to cash this situation a lot. People started comparing prices with the other online retailers, as a result they even got profited much on that same day.

    With all these reasons one may not come to a quick conclusion, but one has to be prepared to achieve a much bigger goal like this. Though they recruited more than 10000 as support staff for that single day, they could not predict this huge wave.

    Founders of Flipkart sent an apology mail to all the customers because of the issues and inconvenience they faced on the day of sale. A case was booked on Flipkart which questioned the trade strategy they followed on the "Big Billion Day".

    Flipkart thought that it could multiple its market value with this "Big Billion Day" but in real world things happened in the other way.

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