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    Can Jelly Bean be upgraded to Kitkat without affecting warranty?

    Does upgrading to KitKat affect the warranty of Android device? Find out the answers here.

    Without tampering the warranty of the device whether it's possible to upgrade Jelly Bean to KitKat. I have query that whether it's possible or not because still in market many smartphones are embedded to the Jelly Bean OS irrespective of the current Android Kitkat.
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  • Well, that depends on the cellphone that you use. If the device you use has an official update available from the manufacturer, then you can go ahead and update to KitKat without losing warranty. However, if there's no official update available, you may still be able to flash a custom KitKat based firmware on your device. This will void your warranty.

  • I have seen many users claim that even if you flash custom ROM it won't affect warranty. Suppose if your phone gets bricked, how come the shopkeeper know whether the problem is due to flashing or some other issue in original software.

    If you manually try to tweak hardware, shopkeeper will surely come to know that you have made some changes. Also there will be special paint in the screw which will be erased once you try open the back panel. In this case the warranty will be void.

    If you want to flash custom ROM first take precautionary steps. There are many recovery option available in Android. First apply those steps before directly flashing the ROM. Always follow the steps in trusted sites like XDA. Try to confirm with Facebook group of your phone users. If you are careful enough you won't end up with bricking the phone.

    Still you have some fear deep inside don't try to flash custom ROM.

    It is all based on your skill how you claim to shopkeeper. Most of the time shopkeeper will try to evade from providing warranty.

  • Mobile Boy, most if not every Android phone out there has something called a 'Binary counter' which indicates how many times the device has been unlocked/rooted/flashed. This is how the manufacturer can check if the phone firmware has been fiddled with.

    Some phones like the Motorola Moto G require you to get an unlock code from Motorola directly in order to unlock its bootloader to be able to root it later. Once you ask for this code from Motorola, your warranty is immediately void whether you use it to root your device or not. So in case there is an issue with the phone at a later date, Motorola will be able to check from its database whether the said device is valid for warranty or not.

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