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    Why Microsoft Released RAW Windows 10 ?

    Follow this thread to learn more about Windows 10 technical preview.

    Just thinking it was never before by Microsoft to release a RAW(unfinished) windows 10,
    1. why not used same idea for Windows 8 or 8.1?
    2. Is there is reason for releasing RAW Windows 10 officially?
    3. Is there is any plan for this kind of activity?
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  • Every thing happens for a reason hence there's a kind of plan while releasing RAW Windows 10 because this is the period of production when the products review is required. Windows requires same type of feedback from us and hence it has provided a feedback app with the Windows 10 technical preview. Using that application many user are giving their precious feedback to windows and many hot topics are getting discussed there.The main purpose of getting feedback from the users is to improve their experience. There's a Me Too button in the windows feedback option that will work if you have the same problems that others are facing then support them using Me Too!

    Windows 8 has a big failure history and hence the same idea was not used rather when windows 10 will be available you will observe that windows 10 is much similar to that of Windows 7.

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