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    How to use BlueStacks when using Bitdefender

    Are you getting problems in using BlueStacks with BitDefender? Learn how to resolve this problem.

    I am using Bitdefender Antivirus and want to install and use the BlueStacks Android emulator. However, I am not able to use it if the antivirus is activated.

    Searched on Google, problem not yet solved still. I could not find any working solution in Google search results.

    Also mailed to BlueStacks and Bitdefender but they say they will fix that issue soon.

    5 months gone and nothing happened there.

    Please Guide how to use BlueStacks in presence of Bitdefender in my PC.

    Please don't advise to install BlueStacks in virtual Operating System as I can't use any virtual software like VMware and Oracle because have only 2GB RAM installed in my system.
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  • The only solution for your problem is to disable real time scan of Bitdefender. Follow the below steps to disable real time scan of Bitdefender :
    1. Click on the Bitdefender icon from the tray icons to open Bitdefender's dashboard.
    2. Click on scan tab.
    3. Now disable or turn off real time scan from here.
    4. After that you can use bluestacks without any error.
    Alternatively you can use other Android emulators like these :
    1. Andy.
    2. You Wave.
    3. Jar of Beans.
    4. Genymotion.
    5. Google SDK Kit.

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