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    How to recover lost Smartphone by using Tracking Software or Anti-Theft

    It is a good idea to install an anti-theft or phone tracking software on your smartphone so that it can be traced if you lose or has been stolen.

    My friend recently lost his costly Smartphone and unable to get it back or unable trace it out using installed software. He however have installed Avast Anti-Theft software in it as general precaution. Any how, no idea, how to get it back by that apps and email. How to get back lost Smartphone by using Tracking Software or Anti-Theft? How to track stolen mobile? Please guide.
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  • 1. Before doing anything you must register the FIR for lost of device in nearer area where the device is stolen because your device can be misused and for everything further you will be responsible for any kind of criminal case.
    2. Currently Anti-Theft(of avast and any other anti-virus) is not able to trace the accurate as well as approximate location but it can be possible to trace if the internet in your stolen device is open with GPS enabled.
    Or If you had registered device IMEI number to site so it is very possible to trace the device.
    otherwise you can't do anything.
    but you can get all the data back to another smartphone by synchronization if and only if you had turned on the synchronization(online backup) function in your stolen device with successful synchronized data to the server.

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