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    Windows 10 comparison with Windows 8 OS

    How do you compare Windows 10 with Windows 8? Does one has any advantages over the other one? Check out the comparison details.

    As we came to know Windows 10 OS is about to release soon all over, what is the main difference between Windows 10 OS vs Windows 8 OS? Any additional and special features in Windows 10 Operating System compare to Windows 8 Operating System? Kindly let us know some of its detail / features.
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  • There have been some basic differences spotted between Windows 8 and Windows 10 OS. Some common differences while comparing Windows 10 with Windows 8 are:

    • Windows 10 contains Start Menu as compared to no such thing for Windows 8.

    • The large tiles of Windows 8 homescreen are not present in Windows 10.

    • Better multi-tasking options available in Windows 10 with the presence of a task view button on the taskbar to switch comfortably between open files as well as multiple desktops created.

    • Presence of a Windows Feedback app to report bugs to Microsoft (especially for the Windows 10 Technical Preview).

    • Arrangement to snap 4 apps on one screen in Windows 10 unlike Windows 8.

    The latest Windows OS features are quite interesting and have certainly managed to generate curiosity as compared to earlier versions of Windows Operating System.

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    Bhakti Savla

  • 1. User Interface:
    Windows 10 has start button like windows 7 combined with live tiles, there is no force Full screen start button.

    2. Work Simultaneously:
    Multitasking is made easier than before compare to Windows 8.
    Windows 10 have capacity to screen maximum 4 Apps, makes swapping between multiple(4) apps easy and time saving.

    3. Be a Software tester:
    Microsoft offer to become software tester sitting at home, over 1 million user already registered to give a little hand in development of windows 10 by using Windows Feedback app to report issues/bugs to Microsoft.

    4. Better than windows 8:
    Microsoft trying out to let know what the users want in latest build(of Windows), by collecting suggestions and improving its features that has been never before happened.
    We can expect better Windows from Microsoft as They working on what we want to be in features of Windows 10.

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