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    Windows 10 new features

    Want to know what are the new features in Windows 10? Are you searching for official announcements from Microsoft regarding the Windows 10 updates? Follow this thread to learn where to look for latest information on the new Windows release.

    Can anyone tell me what are the new features in the upcoming Windows 10 OS? I heard Microsoft will be announcing Windows 9 soon but then all of a sudden they announced Windows 10 and it is packed with a lot of new features. If you have got any insider information from Microsoft, please share it. I was planning to buy a new Windows laptop and I need to decide whether to wait for Windows 10 release or not.
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  • Microsoft is not going to release Windows 9, instead they are planning to release Windows 10 by skipping Windows 9. On Tuesday Microsoft officially announced its new version. Windows 10 mainly aim to unify mobile, Tablet and Traditional Computing platform. We can use Microsoft 10 from Xbox to PC and Phone to Tablets. Windows 8 released two years back was the biggest drawback for Microsoft, only 20% of the users upgrade to Windows 8. In recent years there is a huge competition from IOS 8 and Google Android make Windows 8 even worse.

    This time Microsoft 10 Comes with two versions, one optimized for touch and second one optimized for traditional PC's to use with keyboard and mouse users can switch between two versions according to their needs.

    We can expect complete roll out of Windows 10 on spring 2015. So if you can wait until 2015 (hardly 5 to 6 months) we can expect a better and stable version from Microsoft. At present there is a technical version in their home page, download it and see whether you can like it or not and you can give feedback to Microsoft.

    If you are not in hurry, it is better to wait for the release of Windows 10.


    Hard work never fails.

  • Yes, you heard it right - Microsoft had suddenly launched Windows 10 rather launching Windows 9. The Windows 10 was launched on Tuesday late night by Microsoft at San Francisco. We can say easily feel Windows 10 as a come back of the start button feature. The start button was lacked in windows 8 but now it's available in windows 10. The major reason for the dislike of the windows 8 was due to the lack of start button. The windows 10 is too much similar to Windows 7. The new version will complete in April and will be in market for purchasing after July.

    The start button has arrived with the feature of shut down button in the menu. The search option of windows 10 includes internet search as well as the computer search. The task bar menu will show the all applications which has been opened by the user. The windows 10 is designed keeping in mind the personal computer,mobile and the tablet interface. In windows 10 the multitasking and virtual desktop feature will be served to the user. The touch button for the touch user will be of bigger size and hence it's so user friendly.Now the windows will be equal for all rather they are personal user or enterprise user.The all user will get the update from the same store.

  • With lot of expectations and hopes, Microsoft has released its new version of Operating System 'Windows 10'. Though it is going through some hiccups, some of the features gained attraction from the normal and power-users.

    Some of them which I found worth discussing are listed below.

    All New Start Menu
    One can say it is the 'return of start button' which became one of the major reasons for Windows 8 failure. Moreover, we can re-size the start menu now. We can make it tall or wide or can keep it to the extreme left right, bottom, make it flat etc.. You can even re-size the tiles on the right side. One can get the old Metro UI from Windows 8 by enabling it which is disabled by default.

    Universal Search in Start Menu
    A combination of computer search and internet search which started with Windows 8 now integrated as a new feature to the start menu.

    Multiple Desktops
    If you have some hands-on experience with Linux based OS and Mac desktops, they have one thing in common. Virtual Desktops!. One can shift between different desktops having different applications running on them. A good feature for people working with different moods.

    Task View Multitasking
    It is a new way to have a glance at windows which were opened. It is not a new feature because one can slide them using Alt+Tab but now you can see a one page view of applications.

    Quadrant-style Split Screen Multitasking
    Officially called as 'Snap Assist' where one can split the screen into a maximum of four screens to multitask their works. When one window adjusts its position, it suggests you to place other applications in left over area.

    Command Prompt got new features
    Keyboard shortcuts were implemented. So now you can copy the whole path of a folder/file instead of typing the whole stuff. A new tab called 'Experimental' was added in the Properties section where you can find features like adjusting opacity, line wrapping and control shortcuts usage.

    Windowed Apps
    One feels a bit uneasy when they saw an app occupies the whole screen when clicked in Windows 8. With Windows 10 you can view all windows apps from market place in a windowed mode.

    This feature attracted a huge crowd because Microsoft tried to make an operating system that runs same for all platforms like laptops, tablets and smart phones.

    With a slight investigation, one can find out the 'Home' tab on the explorer. In addition to recent files and favorites, one can view the 'recent folders' section along with them.

    You can now pin the recycle bin to the task bar and start menu. It will be helpful for those who open a lot many windows and want to see what is in recycle bin.

    Now notifications that appear on the top right corner come up with icons of programs that are installed or updated.

    With some searching and goggling one can find out that windows developers are trying to induce "Cortana", voice based digital assistant in the final version or may be in the next version of windows.

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