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    How good is the CouponPress Wordpress theme for creating coupon based websites?

    Would you like to know about CouponPress theme from Wordpress that helps building Discount Coupon Code sites? Would you interested to know CouponPress theme price? If so, check the answer from our experts.

    With the increasing demand for online shopping websites in India, there has been a considerable rise in the number of online shopping cashback sites and online shopping coupon code sites (or online deals websites) in India. I understand Wordpress has come up with a wonderful theme called CouponPress that helps building Discount Coupon Code sites very easily. Please share the features of Coupon Press Wordpress theme and also the price of Coupon Press theme.
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  • CouponPress is one of the best theme for developing a coupons website and it has an awesome features like
    SEO & Marketing Optimized,
    Widgets and plugin supports,
    24/7 customer support,
    Easy to use and customize,
    Different layout and Multi use license.

    CUSTOMERPRESS is the coupon code, You will get 30% discount.


  • CouponPress is premium wordpress theme based on coupon website. It will help you to earn from affiliates and get good conversion rates. CouponPress is fully SEO optimized theme focused on providing best experience to your website readers. You will get full widgets and plugins support. Apart from that its users gets 24/7 technical support and multi-use license.

    You can buy CouponPress theme for 80$, but there are many coupons available on internet which will get you heavy discount over your purchase.

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  • CouponPress is a good starting point for those using WordPress and wish to open their own coupon website. Only issue is that the price for the product is very high and it would take months to even recover the cost of the plugin and theme.

    So here are some of the other options to try which are free or lower cost than CouponPress.

    1. Coupon Creator (Free) : This plugin allows you to generate image or text block with coupon code. This is free of cost plugin and if your coupon needs are basic then you don't need anything more than this plugin.

    2. WordPress Coupon Code Generator (Free) : If you are not sure how to generate coupon code for your products. Then this is the plugin you need. The use of this plugin is for the product based website who need their own coupon codes to process.

    3. Magic WP Coupons – Lite (Free) Another free plugin. However it offers more features compared to others. It also has custom coupon code generator option for paid version. I'd say lite version does just fine for most of the use.

    These three plugins should suffice if you're serious about using the coupon code deals on your website.

    CouponPress is a good option when you don't want to work on technical side of the things. If you are more technically inclined then save money by using free coupon plugin.

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