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    Best language translation tools

    Are you facing issues on foreign business partner's different language communication and its translation differences via online tools? If so, check the answer here given by the expert.

    If you are associated with business partners abroad or associates who use different language, it becomes a very essential thing to read emails, follow twitts or facebook posts. In such cases, sometimes the online language translation tools play tricky. The translation given by such tools are correct by grammar rules but may not carry the correct meaning of original text.

    Can somebody out here suggest me some best language translation tools which are appropriate in the sense of grammer and over all meaning of the context.
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  • There are abundant of language translation tools available online. Several websites are also present online which can help you to understand foreign languages.
    Such as Google translate,Bing translator,Linguee,word lens,,,etc.

    Google Translate- Google translate is the most popular language translation application and used by many users worldwide. I always prefer to use Google translate and Bing translate. This app is the most used app because it has the facility of auto detection of the language hence you don't need to worry if you don't know the language name. Just copy the text and paste to the box and select the desired language in which you want to view the translation. You can also listen the audio of the translation.

    Bing Translator- Bing translation is a Microsoft product. It has the feature of auto detection of the language.You can visit and can past upto 5000 letters.

    Worldlingo- Worldlingo is also a online translation website. It has a demerit that you can use this translation service only if know the language name which is not understood by you. You can translate the website,document,email using worldlingo.You can also get the print of the translation result.

    Babylon- Babylon is a translation app and also a translation software. You can get the software by visiting the official site of Babylon. It allows you to translate 29 different languages but you have to know the language name whose translation you want.

    Linguee- Linguee is a free translation tool. You can use Linguee app for iPhone,android phones,for your operating system,for browsers. You get a benefit here because it offers you online as well as offline translation service. You can only translate English language to different languages by using this app. The plugin of linguee can assist you while using the various browsers. It can only translate words and phrases.

    Wordlens- World lens is a app that let you to translate the printed words using the camera. For example if you're traveling abroad and you don't know the meaning of the words written in the signboards then you can have the advantage of the app. The app is available Google play and app store. The translation doesn't require a network connection. It's a free app and it's recently been acquired by Google. The limitation is that it supports only few language.

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